Industrial Design



The Industrial Design Programme is concerned with the development of creative strategies in the provision of technological solutions to problems that are related to the specific needs of industry and the society in general. The programme places emphasis on the development of high professional skills as well as exploration and development of indigenous materials in the areas of Ceramics, Graphics and Textiles Design. It also focuses on producing graduates of high quality with creative skill and entrepreneurial knowledge that can make them self reliant as well as employable by the Printing, Textiles and Ceramics industries.


The object of the programme are to:

1) provide students with appropriate training and adequate intellect in the acquisition of skills and technological proficiency necessary for effective translation of creative designs to finished products;

2) raise the level of aesthetic and cultural awareness in the students;

3) guide students in using their creative skills to enhance and add breath to the quality of living.

4) prepare students that will attract high international employment profile in the feild of Industrial Design; and

5) prepare students for self-reliant work after graduation.