Industrial Design


Bachelor of Technology (BTech.) Industrial Design

To be eligible for the award of B. TECH in the Industrial Design, a student is expected to have:

a) Passed all core courses, all University and school required courses as well as any elective taken;

b) Accumulated a minimum of 188 courses units if he or she was admitted through UME and 143 units if by direct entry and obtained a CGPA of not less than 1.0.

c) Successfully completed all industrial attachment, seminars and project.

In addition, those who came by direct entry are expected to audit and pass the following university required courses – GNS 101,102and 103 and MEE 101 and 102. If a student fails any of the courses, he/she will be required to offer it formally.

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Industrial Design

Candidte must complete a total of 44 units which consists of 32 units of course work and 12 units of project work. The project work, which is actualized in the 3rd semester, will be supervised by academic members of staff and project report shall be assessed.

Master of Technology (MTech.) Industrial Design

Candidates must complete a total of 38 units including project work which is 12 units in the 2nd semester. These are designated in the three areas of specialization. The project work is supervised by at least one supervisor who is not below the rank of a lecturer I and have a Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Industrial Design

The Ph.D degree is awarded mainly in recognition of the candidate's high scholastic abiity in his area of research. Thr product of the research must make some significant contribution to knowledge.